Manufacturing list:

Mechanical blades for paper, film and foil industry
  • slitter knives
  • perforator knives
  • sheeter knives
  • tissue converting knives
  • trimmer knives
Mechanical blades in the food industry

Various types of blades used in:

  • Meat industry (meat chopper knives)
  • Moon knives
  • Fruit and vegetable industry
  • Industry of packing finished products (perforator and other packing knives)
Mechanical blades in wood and pulp industry
  • Wood grinding blades which are used in manufacturing particle boards 
  • Blades for bark peelers
  • Blades for grinding wood waste (chipper knives)
  • Hog knives
  • Other belonging parts to systems mentioned above
Mechanical blades in plastic industry
  • granulator knives
  • pelletizing knives
  • slitter knives
Mechanical blades in metalworking industry
  • shear blades
  • slitter knives
  • spacers & shims
  • scrap choppers


English/German Industrial Knives Catalog


Converting Blades Catalog

converting knives catalog

Woodworking Blades Catalog

woodworking knives catalog